What we do?


On-site food catering service

We cater for the guest lists that number in tens, hundreds, thousands.

  • Company event such as opening ceremony, annual dinner, training, management meeting, social events for business and cocktail reception.
  • Home Party such as House warming, wedding party, full moon party, birthday party, private gathering and family reunions.

For the on-site catering service, we provide one stop solution for our clients, including food catering, canopy set up, furnishing, and waiters.

In house function

Beside on-site catering, we also provide a comfortable place at our restaurant which can fix in 120 persons to do the in house function. You can organise your party or company function at our restaurant. Such as company annual dinner, outing, or even birthday party, wedding dinner, and so on.

We provide the friendly environment and staffs to serve on your function. We also provide stage and entertainment such as live band performance.

"Lamb with Chili Padi is one of the most famous items" say Kelvin How (Owner of Foodland Catering),"Spaghetti Olio-Olio always the first choice of over catering menu".

Foodland Catering offer the different type of food variety, with the Western Cuisine, we always provide the new experience to our catering clients, such as lamb chop, chicken chop, mushroom soup, spaghetti olio-olio, and many more western fusion.

Beside of western cuisine, we also provide the local and thai menu, both traditional and authentic cuisine like ayam masak lemak chilli padi, ikan masak merah, and variety of acar and rendang.

Therefore at Foodland Catering, we are not just catering, but we provide you a personalised and friendly services, and Good food. And giving you a different type of catering experience.


At Foodland Catering, we provide any type of Catering service buffet catering services. We do the company function, home party, opening ceremony, company training, private function and many more catering services. Besides that, we also provide the place at our restaurant for you to organise your private party or company function.